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What to Look for When Touring a Rehab Center

One of the best things you can do to help prepare yourself to become a patient at a rehab clinic is to tour the facility first. This will allow you to find out if the center will be beneficial to your recovery and if you will be comfortable receiving treatment there. But it is important to also look for certain aspects in particular of a program that will benefit you.

Interacting with the Staff

It is incredibly important to interact with the healthcare professionals and staff at the facility as much as possible when you are on your tour, from the receptionists, security personnel, and volunteers to the nurses, doctors, and counselors. These individuals should make you feel comfortable, be helpful, and be interested in your needs. If you begin to feel judged or otherwise ill at ease as a result of your interactions with them, it is likely not the facility for you.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “Within a treatment program, successful clinicians can establish a positive, therapeutic relationship with their patients,” and doing so is also incredibly necessary, as good clinician-patient relationships translate to longer patient stays. Because patients who stay in their treatment centers longer and who complete the rehab program fully have been proven to be more equipped to deal with recovery and less likely to relapse, you will want to find a program where the staff makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

Location and Grounds

Touring a Rehab

It’s important to tour a potential rehab to make sure it’s clean and well kept.

Especially if you are going to be staying at an inpatient facility, but also if you are choosing outpatient care, you will want to make sure the location of the center is safe, comforting, and easy to get to. Those who are attending inpatient care will want their friends and family members to be able to visit them whenever possible, and anyone who chooses an outpatient program will need to ensure they are able to get to the facility easily as often as necessary.

The grounds should also be clean and well kept, which will allow you to see whether or not the facility is managed well. If the staff can’t keep things clean at the facility, it is a sign that the program is not being run properly and that your money may be wasted.

Treatment and Recovery Options Offered

As stated by the NIDA, “low-intensity programs may offer little more than drug education,” especially outpatient centers, so it is important to ensure that the facility of your choice provides all the treatment and care options you require. Ask if they utilize any treatments beyond the evidence-based approaches, such as yoga, meditation, exercise, art therapy, etc., and if they provide classes in these methods. Whether you are choosing a low cost program or a luxury facility, you should make sure you are familiar with everything they offer and that the programs they do are able to cover your personal treatment needs.

How to Evaluate a Rehab Center

Tour a Facility Before Making a Commitment

It is important to tour any rehab center before you decide to begin treatment there. This way, you can know for certain what the facility is like before you make any commitments. Call 800-481-6320Who Answers? today, and we will help you find a rehab program near you.

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