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Drug and alcohol rehabilitation is a serious issue. In this page we will investigate the benefits of the best rehab centers. If you or someone you know has an addiction, we urge you to seek out the best rehab centers in your area and find a rehabilitation center near you. Clinics, programs, and treatment options are readily available in your area.

Rehab centers range from bare bones inner city non-profits, to high end private clinics in luxurious settings with all the amenities of a first class resort. The best rehab center for Paris Hilton is not necessarily the best one for you. Let’s look at some of the options available and how you should assess their importance:

The best rehab centers offer patients medication to ease the symptoms of withdrawal which can be severe. If it’s a residential drug or alcohol rehab center, you’ll be monitored 24/7 by medical personnel through your initial detox phase. Make sure that the drug and alcohol rehab center you choose is medically licensed to treat your addiction.

Group therapy sessions are practically universally offered in drug and alcohol rehab centers. A meeting with your peers is a great way to find support and realize that you are not alone with your problems. This technique is at the center of all 12 step programs. In assessing the best rehab center for you, it’s a good idea to make sure that you will be surrounded by true peers. If you’re sitting in a group session and somebody complains about resisting the temptation of the free drinks constantly plied in the first class cabin of a plane while you routinely visit family for the holidays on a Greyhound bus, that clinic is probably not the best rehab center for you.

Look for one-on-one sessions with a skilled therapist. It’s not always easy to come clean in a group. It’s remarkable how forthright people can be in a twelve step session, but the most straightforward patients are usually those who have been attending for a while. Recovery begins with small steps. A personal therapist builds an intimate relationship of trust with a patient. To choose the best rehab center for you, make sure that you will enter a structured program of individual sessions with the same therapist. Be sure to check credentials. Ideally you’d like a psychologist with a PhD or a psychiatrist with an MD as opposed to somebody who is working towards a Masters in Social Work.

Some of the luxuries offered at the best rehab centers include gyms, pools, yoga classes and personal trainers since research has shown that those who keep fit are less likely to turn to drugs or alcohol. The best rehab centers also offer tranquil settings like the seaside movie star magnets in Malibu, as well as gourmet food. Some ever offer horseback riding.

You’ve probably hurt family and friends with your behavior. The best rehab centers offer counseling and support for your loved ones. Not only will they be able to vent their feelings as the first step in growing to accept your behavior, they have to understand that what they do can affect whether or not you relapse. Many patients suffering from chemical dependency start out with recreational drug use that only gradually becomes problematic. If you’re in a clinic for alcohol abuse and your spouse routinely has a single glass of wine with dinner each night, that behavior has to stop to support your recovery.

The best alcohol and drug rehab centers offer ongoing support and counseling. For a residential facility this can consist of a transitional phase where you live there but still continue to go to work and school.

If you can’t afford a drug or alcohol rehab center, then it probably isn’t the best for you. Take a closer look at cost. You’re already paying the price for your chemical dependency with lost productivity, friction with friends and family, and loss of self-respect, not to mention the drugs themselves. If a tranquil setting with recreational facilities will genuinely help you get better compared to going to a twelve step program on skid row, it could well be worth the extra initial expense to get the help you need. Some rehab centers will accept insurance or public programs like Drug Medi-CAL Outpatient Drug Free. For you, the best rehab center might be the one where counselors are adept at negotiating maze of assistance that might be available to you in your state.

When choosing the best rehab center for you, remember that although amenities and luxuries can make your life more comfortable, the ultimate litmus test is how successful a drug or alcohol rehab center is in curing your specific chemical dependency.

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