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Marijuana and Marijuana Addiction Overview

Marijuana is a psychoactive drug with the active compound being THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Marijuana is one of the most commonly abused drugs in the United States and in other parts of the world.Ā Marijuana addiction affects millions of people around the world. The drug is not as physically addictive as other drugs, but it is considered to be potentially very psychologically addicting.

The effects of marijuana can cause performance difficulties during work or school. The illegality of the drug in several areas of the world can lead to criminal cases against addicts as well. The drug can also have severe psychological symptoms in many addicts and abuse of marijuana may be connected to problems such as anxiety, mood imbalances, and other psychological disorders.

Because of the illegality of the drug, and physical and social problems associated with addiction, marijuana abuse can be detrimental to an addict in several ways. As a result, there are several facilities and marijuana rehab centers which offer marijuana addiction rehab so that an addict can function without dependence on the drug. Marijuana addiction rehab centers utilize a number of different therapies to help addicts through their recovery process. Marijuana addiction rehab includes the traditional group therapy, psychotherapy, medications if necessary, and participation in a 12-step process.

Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana is also known as weed, pot, chronic, herb, Mary Jane, and several other street names. It is not considered to be a highly physical addictive substance, however the drug is proven to be psychologically addicting. Marijuana also has substantial physical side effects, and both short and long term effects have been noted in chronic marijuana users.

Marijuana addiction is a substantial problem and it affects millions of people throughout the world. Marijuana addiction can be described as a dependence and reliance on marijuana. Many addicts use marijuana several times throughout the day, and addicts may be high for extended periods of the day. Marijuana addicts typically are unable to stop using the drug even if they want to stop, and they often require marijuana addiction rehab to be able to stop.

A marijuana addict will often have to mask the smell of the drug on his or her clothing, so often times the smell of smoke or marijuana may be noticed along with strong cologne or perfume or another masking smell. Marijuana addicts will often have paraphernalia that is used to smoke marijuana and they may claim that their paraphernalia is used for tobacco.

Marijuana addicts typically demonstrate the side effects of the drug such as slowness in response times, red or puffy eyes, excessive hunger and thirst, and short term memory loss. Mental confusion is common among addicts while they are high. They may also cough more than normally due to lung irritation. Marijuana addicts may suffer from mild to moderate respiratory problems as well.

Effects of Marijuana Addiction and Marijuana Abuse

Marijuana addiction has potentially serious and substantial effects on both the body and the mind. The effects can be so powerful that they may require hospitalization for symptoms in some users. The symptoms may also require marijuana addiction rehab treatment at marijuana rehab centers. The effects depend on the potency of the marijuana, whether or not it is combined with other drugs, and also the tolerance of the user.

Marijuana is known to affect the body in a wide variety of ways. For instance, the drug is known to slow down reaction times. This is particularly dangerous when a user is driving a vehicle or operating mechanical equipment while at work. There are many cases of accidents that were caused in part by marijuana intoxication.

Marijuana is known to decrease short term memory. The drug may cause mood swings or increase anxiety in intoxicated individuals. THC, the active compound in the drug, acts on receptors in the brain that are involved in the brain functions of perception, memory, concentration, and coordination.

Long term users of the drug may suffer from cognitive problems. The real effects of marijuana on the brain are unknown, and studies have shown changes in the brains of long term marijuana users. There are also potential respiratory problems associated with long term use.

In the short term, marijuana will cause a user to have difficulties with short term memory. The userā€™s perception of light, sound, and time may be distorted. Heart rate typically increases and there is usually a loss of coordination.

Marijuana Treatment and Marijuana Rehab Centers

Marijuana addiction is a serious psychological and physical illness that is potentially dangerous to the addict and is best treated at marijuana rehab centers.Ā Marijuana addiction rehab centers are facilities that can successfully treat marijuana addiction. Typically, marijuana rehab centers also treat other drug addictions as well. Marijuana addiction rehab requires the effort of trained specialists that understand marijuana addiction.

Both physical and psychological symptoms of marijuana addiction may be treated at marijuana rehab centers. The psychological symptoms of marijuana addiction can be quite severe. In many cases, however, there are other drugs that are being abused besides marijuana, and those drugs may require a detox process.

Treatments for marijuana addiction at marijuana rehab centers typically include psychological and psychiatric care. Any related depression, mood disorders, and anxiety may be treated with both medication and therapy. Rehabilitation programs at marijuana rehab centers can be designed to help the addict reduce dependency on the drug.

Drug rehab centers can help addicts overcome their illness by providing them a protected environment to escape from friends and situations that have contributed to their addiction. The centers will also assist a patient with marijuana addiction rehab by offering a specific plan for both short term and long term recover from marijuana addiction.

Marijuana rehab centers are capable of treating both physical and psychological symptoms of marijuana addiction. A marijuana addiction rehab center with licensed professional staff is capable of handling many types of physical symptoms associated with marijuana addiction. Psychological problems are dealt with through group therapy, individual counseling, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Since marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug in the United States, there are a number of marijuana rehab centers and options available for marijuana addiction rehab. Many treatment facilities that specialize in other drug treatments also double as marijuana rehab centers. There are both inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities available at marijuana rehab centers. The outpatient facilities of marijuana rehab centers often include the same types of marijuana addiction rehab treatments that inpatient facilities have such as group therapy and individual counseling.

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