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Living Past a Cocaine Addiction, Surviving Long Term Health Problems

Don't let a cocaine addiction take over your life!

Don’t let a cocaine addiction take over your life!

Cocaine addiction has many related consequences and problems that arise when the drug is being used regularly, but what are the long term concerns associated with cocaine addiction? How do you live past a cocaine addiction? Do the health problems stop when you stop using? Do long term effects of cocaine addiction get even worse with continued or prolonged addiction? Here are the answers:

Long Term Health Risks of Cocaine Addiction

Each and every time an addict uses cocaine there is an increased risk of certain long term health problems that could arise including heart related problems, dietary and digestion problems, changes in blood pressure and even damage to the heart.

Cocaine use causes the heart to pump rapidly and the blood is pumped through the body very quickly as a result of the use of the drug. The body temperature rises constricting blood vessels and resulting in circulatory overload. When this process is repeated long term damage to the heart and the blood vessels is very likely. Ultimately, cocaine addiction can result in high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke and irregular heart rhythms.

Damage to the digestive system is another long term health risk that is associated with cocaine addiction. Cocaine is s stimulant which causes decreased appetite and over time the use of cocaine can result in an individual becoming malnourished. In time, the malnourishment can cause additional problems for an individual including sickness and even death.

Cocaine addiction can also result in abdominal pain and sickness. The blood flow to the intestines is reduced when an individual uses cocaine and this can result in a dangerous infection being developed in the intestines. Ultimately, the intestines can lose blood flow to a point in which the tissue dies causing gangrene in the intestines.

Additional long term health risks associated with cocaine addiction may arise as a result of the way in which the cocaine is used. For instance, those who inject cocaine may suffer from various blood borne diseases such as HIV or hepatitis as a result of using dirty needles. For people who snort cocaine runny nose, reduced sense of smell, throat and sinus problems can occur and over time the sinuses can be deteriorated as a result of the chemicals being constantly in the sinuses.

Help for Cocaine Addiction

There is help for people who suffer from cocaine addiction. Although there are many long term health problems associated with cocaine addiction, the sooner an individual quits using cocaine the lesser the long term consequences will be. Cocaine rehab centers can provide a full range of treatment and care for people who are addicted to cocaine.

Living past cocaine addiction begins with recovering from the addiction. Cocaine rehab centers can guide you to recovery and help you to survive despite the many long term health concerns that can arise.

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