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Is Rehab Religious?

Although some rehabs are religious, some of them are not. Many of the religious rehabs clearly advertise their religious affiliation in their name or the mission statements. These rehabs offer a clear religious connotation. There are however non-denominational rehabs do exist as do those with no religious affiliation at all.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, rehab does not have to be spiritual in nature to work, although many of them are. The basic concepts of rehab are the same regardless of whether or spirituality is brought into the picture or not.


All rehab facilities both inpatient and outpatient offer counseling. This counseling is done on both a group and individual level. Most of the counselors are taught to only bring spirituality or religion into the mix if the client requests it. There are two main types of counseling. There are:

  • Individual Counseling – individual counseling is a one on one type of counseling that the therapist or counselor just talks with the individual. They can discuss the problems of drug use as well as the original cause. By determining the original cause of the drug use the counselor can often help the client through the worst triggers and help them gain a more productive life.
  • Group counseling – when it comes to spirituality, group counseling is a bit different. Since the each individual has to be taken into account. Many group counseling sessions are based off of majority rule.

Spirituality in Rehab


Spirituality helps some cope in rehab.

Some people find that spirituality in rehab helps them while others do not. If you find yourself in an rehab that practices some form of spirituality or rehab then you have one of two options. The first option is to go with the flow. Sometimes you can find pieces of what is being said that help you deal with your addiction. Other times what is being said is not for you and you can feel free to ignore it.

Your other option is to find a rehab that better suits your spiritual needs or lack there of. There are many out there that do not have any religious affiliation at all. Most of these advertise the fact that they do not have a spiritual content to their program.

It is important to remember that your beliefs are you choice. You have the choice of accepting what you have and taking the new information in. You also have the choice of rejecting what they are saying and using your own thoughts and feeling to get you though.

Never say or disparage anyone else’s beliefs in their religion or spirituality. If they believe that god will help them with their addiction then allow them their beliefs. Many times the thought of someone higher than oneself helps tremendously.

There are many religious based rehabs and many that are not religious based. If you need either we can help you find the one that suits your religious feelings and beliefs. For more information on either of these call us at 800-481-6320.

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