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Stroke Rehab Centers

Thousands of people suffer from stroke each year in the United States and for about two thirds of these individuals there is a necessity for stroke rehabilitation in order to survive. Stroke rehab centers provide rehabilitation with the goal of helping the stroke victim to survive and attain the best possible quality of life. Stroke rehabilitation does not cure or reverse brain damage but helps people to achieve the best possible long term outcome despite the stroke.

Stroke rehabilitation can teach a stroke survivor how to live despite loss of coordination or function as a result of brain damage that was suffered from the stroke. Individuals who suffer from stroke may need help with learning how to speak again, how to get dressed or even how to walk as a result of brain damage that is sustained following a stroke. Stroke rehab centers can provide rehabilitative therapy that promotes independence despite trauma that may have been suffered during the stroke.

If you or someone you know has suffered a stroke and has suffered a loss of function, contact a stroke rehabilitation center for help today. Stroke rehabilitation centers can provide care and treatment for the many disabilities that result from stroke such as paralysis, movement control disorders, sensory disturbances and pain, language problems and memory disorders or emotional disturbances.

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