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About Rehab Centers is a community resource that provides information, guides, and a complete directory of rehab centers located throughout the United States. The site was designed to offer those with mental conditions, addictions and various disorders an escape where they can find help, hope and ultimately – recovery. Rehab Centers and the vast resources within the site are dedicated to helping individuals of all types to map out their journey to recovery from addiction, mental illness and related conditions. provides a directory of rehab centers but is also focused on providing recovery resources and guides to individuals, addicts, and their loved ones. The site offers these services to all individuals free of charge and is dedicated to helping addicts, alcoholics, those suffering from mental health conditions and various related disorders to find relief from addiction and treatment for their condition.

The rehab centers listed in the directory provide effective treatment and rehabilitation services for a number of different conditions including drug addiction, eating disorders, depression and related mental conditions, gambling addiction and more.

Rehab Centers offers individuals a glimpse into all things related to addiction, mental illness and the journey to recovery. Often, those who are struggling with addiction do not know where to start or cannot find the resources they need to begin learning how to recover – that’s where comes in. Friends and family members of those who are struggling with addiction or mental illness can also find solace in Rehab Centers by getting the information needed to understand and to assist loved ones in the recovery process.

Welcome to the world of rehab centers – where you can learn and explore – where you can begin the journey to recovery!

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