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Suicide is the intentional taking of one’s own life. People who commit suicide are usually depressed and have underlying mental conditions which cause them to regret living, have difficulty finding a reason to live and ultimately take their own life. Suicide cannot be treated as it is a finalization of life but when caught early, suicidal thoughts can be treated so that the individual does not actually commit the act of killing themselves.

Suicidal thoughts are usually accompanied by severe depression, mental illness, substance abuse or plans to commit suicide. People who have suicidal thoughts can usually be talked down from the situation and may even be able to receive treatment for the depression that causes the terrible thoughts to occur. For those who suffer from suicidal thoughts treatment is usually offered by inpatient rehab centers that can provide monitoring and care around the clock.

Inpatient rehab centers can assure that an individual who suffers from suicidal thoughts has a safe place to live and to recover from the depression. Doctors and therapists will monitor the individual around the clock and assure that there are no chances for the individual to take their own life while in the inpatient rehab center. If you or someone you know suffers from suicidal thoughts, it is important to seek immediate help.

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