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Self Mutilation Rehab Centers

Self mutilation is the intention injuring of one’s own body that includes tissue damage and is not conducted with suicide in mind. Self mutilation is not an intentional thought of suicide but it does affect as many as 3 million Americans within all age groups, genders and demographic or socioeconomic status.

People who take part in self mutilation may burn, cut or scratch their skin, they may deliberately poison themselves or overdose on drugs with the intention of harming themselves. There are several treatment methods in place for people who self mutilate and rehab centers may employ a few different treatments in order to effectively help an individual to stop hurting themselves.

Most self mutilation treatment will include the discovery of psychological illness or mental disorders that may be the underlying cause or root of the problem. Treatment for self mutilation will usually entail cognitive behavioral therapy as well as other forms of psychotherapy and may even include medications to treat any underlying depression or other personality disorders.

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