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Internet Addiction Rehab Centers

Internet addiction rehab centers will provide support and treatment for the various addictions related to the internet including internet shopping addictions, web browsing addiction, and internet gaming addictions. Individuals who suffer from internet addiction will generally be treated in a similar manner to various other process addictions such as gambling addiction or shopping addictions.

Internet addiction rehab centers will review the amount of time that a person spends on the computer (mostly online) and also consider the amount of pressure that is placed on the individuals work, social and family life as a result of the excessive internet use. Interference with life outside of the internet is what ultimately signifies an addiction to the internet.

While there is currently very little research that has been done on internet addiction, most internet addiction rehab centers will agree that treatment of internet addicts starts with understanding how to treat process addictions similar to the treatment of gambling addiction or a substance abuse problem. Most internet addiction rehab centers will not try to completely cut out the internet from the addict’s life but rather help the internet addict to find a median between usefulness of the internet and the point in which it becomes a problem.

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