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Rehab Centers for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue is a disorder in which a person experiences severe tiredness that lasts a period of 6 months or more. Chronic fatigue syndrome was once characterized as a nonexistent condition but has recently become more widely recognized as a real disorder marked by serious effects both physically and emotionally. Treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome is usually a combination of medications, relaxation and changes in lifestyle but unfortunately there is no known cure for this disorder.

Rehab centers that treat chronic fatigue syndrome may provide individuals with information and guidance on exercising to help relieve some of the fatigue and tiredness associated with the syndrome. Most of the time, treatment for chronic fatigue will not involve large amounts of physical activity nor will the exercise regimen include any weight training or strenuous exercise that may increase the fatigue and tiredness. A doctor or physical therapist may suggest that an individual who suffers from chronic fatigue incorporate very small amounts of low impact exercise (such as walking or swimming) into their daily routine.

Some individuals who suffer from chronic fatigue will also suffer from pain and tenderness associated with this disorder and require medications to treat or alleviate such pain. Prescription medications may be used to treat pain as well as sleeping problems that are associated with chronic fatigue syndrome. Rehab centers may also help to treat any underlying conditions that have caused or resulted from the chronic fatigue.

If you or someone you know is always tired, can’t seem to get enough sleep or feels overly exhausted after a normal workout then you should seek additional information and help for chronic fatigue syndrome. Rehab centers, doctors and physical therapists are available to diagnose and treat the symptoms of chronic fatigue to help those who suffer from this condition to live a more active lifestyle.

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